Parish Prayer Diary

This is offered for prayer in our parish, both of church based activities, and our community. Sometimes you may like to ask the groups you are praying for if there are any particular areas for which they would like prayer. In months where there are less than 31 days you may like to combine some days.

1stFor our Church
for all those who live in Lapal Close, Lambert Road, Nelson Road, Happy Land North and West.

2ndFor our Clergy & all Retired and Diocesan clergy who take our services
for all those who live in Knight Street, Bromyard Terrace, Bromyard Road, Whitmore Road, Boughton Avenue.

3rdFor the Organist and Choir
for all those who live in Isaac Walk, Boughton Close, Blakefield Road, Blakefield Gardens, Blakefield Walk, Bozward St.

4thFor the Verger
for all those who live in Sinton Terrace, Star Lane, Graham Road, Church Terrace,Glebe Close.

5thFor the Bell-ringers
for all those who live in Church Close, Bransford Road, Smiths Avenue, Palmers Green, Watery Lane, Willis Place.

6thFor The Music Group & Mixed Blessings
for all those who live in St John’s, Abbey Road, Abbey Close, School Road, Avenue Road.

7thFor the Pastoral & Other Committees
for all those who live in Swinton Close, Little Boughton Street, Swinton Lane, Trelawney Close.

8thFor the Saturday Groups
for all those who live in Bromwich Lane, Hales Orchard, Nursery Walk, Boughton Street.

9thFor all who receive & administer Communion at home
for all those who work in our parish, for shops, pubs, restaurants, businesses.

10thFor the Minister & people of Bromyard Rd Methodist Church
for all those who live in Skinner Road, Skinner Street, Narrow Walk, Greathouse Road.

11thFor the social life of our church, the Events Team & The Friends
for all those who live in Bedwardine Road, Middle Road, Barn Close, Winchester Avenue, Boughton Park Road.

12thFor all who work in the Parish Office and the Building
And for all those who use the Blakefield and Burroughs Rooms
for all those who live in Vernon Park Rd, South and North Croft, Withers Rd.

13thFor the Churchwardens and church officers
for all those who live in Ellis Rd, Homefield Rd, Alexander Rd, Foley Rd.

14thFor the PCC
for all those who live in The Avenue, Claverham Close, Georgina Avenue, Malvern Road.

15thFor the Priest and people of Our Lady Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church
for all those who live in Margaret Road, Jubilee Road, Sharpe Road,Coventry Road.

16thFor the schools of our parish: Christopher Whitehead Language College, Pitmaston Primary School, Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary School, the Short Stay Unit.

17thFor the ALMs, the Servers and the Eucharistic Ministers
for all those who live in Brown St, Whites Avenue, First Road, Ashdown Close.

18thFor those in Youth Movements
for all those who live in Worboys Road, Kingsbury Road, Catherine Road, Bloomfield Road.

19thFor the people of Bromwich Road Free Church Mission, and other independent Christian Groups meeting locally
for all those who live in Hanbury Ave, Earlsdon Rd, Priory Rd, Manor Rd.

20thFor the Diocese of Worcester, for the Bishop and all who live in this diocese
for all those who live in Hanbury Park Road, Hillview Road, Croome Road, Chamberlain Road.

21stFor the cleaners and those who decorate the church with flowers
for all those who live in Stanmore Road, Kielder Rise, Link Elm Close, Bromwich Road, Weir Lane.

22ndFor the West Worcester Live at Home Scheme, Cuppas and Chat & other Community Ventures
for all those who live in Mallard Close, Heron Close, Cormorant Rise, Osprey Close, Crane Drive.

23rdFor our Mission and Outreach into our community, for our friends and neighbours and those we come into contact with each day
for all those who live in Hudson Close, Halifax Drive, St Lawrence Close, Charnwood Close.

24thFor the Little Lambs and families with young children
for all those who live in Sherwood Lane, Calgary Drive, Franklin Close, Regina Close.

25thFor the Children’s Church, its members and leaders
for all those living in digs throughout St John’s.

26thFor the Anglican Churches of West Worcester: St John's, St Clement's, St David's, St Michael's
for all those who live in Baffin Rd, Canada Way, Labrador Rd, Columbia Drive.

27thFor Courses and those preparing for Baptism or Marriage
for all those who live in Alberta Close, Oakville Close, Ottawa Close, Quebec Close.

28thFor those who contribute to, produce and distribute our parish magazine
for all those who live in Winnipeg Close, Vancouver Close, Beaver Drive, Montreal Close.

29thFor the Deanery of Martley and West Worcester and for the Rural Dean and Deanery Synod
for all those who live in Manitoba Close, Ontario Close, Toronto Close, Jasper Road.

30thFor those who use our church for silence and prayer during the week
for all those who live in Weyburn Close, Westmount Close, Old Road.

31stFor those who serve refreshments in church
Also for all those not on the Electoral Roll but who worship here or are visitors to our church.