• September News From the Clergy

    29 Aug 2018 • From the Clergy

    ‘I believe in angels/ Something good in everything I see.’
    ‘I sit and wait/ Does an angel contemplate my fate?’
    ‘I’m no angel, but please don’t think that I won’t try and try.’
    ‘Heaven must be missin’ an angel/ Missin’ one angel, child/ ‘Cause you’re here with me right now.’
    ‘Baby, you’re my angel/ Come and save me tonight.’....................

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  • Victorian Worcester Talk

    Victorian Worcester Talk

    29 Jul 2018 • St John's Parish News

    Paul, the History Man, told us about Victorian Worcester and the slums of the area.

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  • Cotswolds Mystery Trip

    Cotswolds Mystery Trip

    28 Jul 2018 • St John's Parish News

    The events team arranged a mystery trip to the Cotswolds in July.

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  • St John-in-Bedwardine War Memorial

    St John-in-Bedwardine War Memorial

    28 Jun 2018 • St John's Parish News

    In preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1 members of the church have undertaken to identify as many people on the War Memorial.

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  • July and August News from the Clergy

    25 Jun 2018 • From the Clergy

    On July 22nd the Church celebrates the Feast of Mary Magdalene, possibly one of the best-known figures of the New Testament; but what, in fact, do we really know about her? Also known as Mary of Magdala, and probably from the town of that name, by the Sea of Galilee, Mary Magdalene has become famous as the prototype of the reformed prostitute and a principal witness of the resurrection. Portrayed by several classical artists in various stages of undress, she has become a somewhat notorious figure, presented by some as the lover of Christ and even as the wife he married after “coming to” in the tomb and escaping to lead a full and natural life. Leaving aside these later myths, the first part of this claim to fame is also very insecure......

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  • Highgrove Trip

    Highgrove Trip

    13 Jun 2018 • St John's Parish News

    The events team organised another great coach trip for St Johns and the other churches in the West Worcester group of Churches, this time we all went to Highgrove, the home of HRH The Prince of Wales.

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  • June News from the Clergy

    29 May 2018 • From the Clergy

    As a curate, I was on the governing body of one of the local primary schools and chaired the teaching and learning committee. We were reviewing the Year 6 SATs papers, which newly included a test on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG). It was the only time the deputy head ever let me near that particular paper, following my detailed rant against it, but he failed to regain control of it before I came across a question on fronted adverbials. I realised that I had no idea what a fronted adverbial was. Surely, I reasoned, if I had worked through various degrees and learned (to some extent) several foreign languages, never needing to know about fronted adverbials, this fell into the category of advanced linguistics rather than essential grammar?.....

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  • May News from the Clergy

    29 Apr 2018 • From the Clergy

    ​“The road is long, with many a winding turn, that takes us to who knows where ….” is the opening line of one of my favourite songs and it takes very little effort or imagination to apply it to my present situation. The road to Ordination is a long and often winding road strewn with “Pot-holes” to avoid and diversions to negotiate but some great “view-points” along the way too. Ordination, though, was not the final destination, only an important landmark and then the road led me on to St Johns where I served my curacy and loved every minute of it – certainly for the first two and a half years anyway. ......

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  • Licensing of Rev Phil Bradford

    28 Mar 2018 • St John's Parish News

    Rev Phil Bradford was licensed as Priest in Charge of St John in Bedwardine in Worcester on 25th Feb 2018.

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  • Community Breakfast

    28 Mar 2018 • St John's Parish News

    Another successful Community Breakfast was held in St John's.

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