• March News From The Clergy

    March News From The Clergy

    1 Mar 2019 • From the Clergy

    At the 1993 Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool, John Major launched what became one of the most widely-derided and satirised campaigns of modern times: ‘Back to Basics’. To be fair, the Prime Minister’s words were wilfully misinterpreted by the media; as he himself would observe years later, it was an example of how soundbites taken out of context can be misleading.

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  • February News From the Clergy

    February News From the Clergy

    1 Feb 2019 • From the Clergy

    Mental health issues have, over recent months, become a hot topic. There is a new openness and a reduction in the perceived stigma attached to acknowledging mental health problems.
    February 4th – 10th 2019 has been designated children’s mental health week and so this is a good time for us to consider this matter and to ask, in particular: What is the Christian response to mental health issues? The immediate and short answer is of course, exactly the same as the Christian response to any form of human suffering: To meet it with compassion, with prayer and, where possible, with the appropriate practical action.

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  • January News From The Clergy

    January News From The Clergy

    31 Dec 2018 • From the Clergy

    From Robert Jones, Archdeacon of Worcester

    We live in tumultuous political times, so much so that many people are literally switching off from TV and radio news. It does indeed seem that megaphone diplomacy, which, of course, is no diplomacy at all, is playing a bigger part in our public discourse. We must not have a false sense that history automatically gets better as we learn to live better, when it is clear that human sinfulness can mess things up just as effectively today as it ever did.

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  • Good Old Days - Wartime Christmas

    Good Old Days - Wartime Christmas

    30 Dec 2018 • St John's Parish News

    The December presentation from Paul Harding was all about Christmas through the ages. As per usual it was a wonderful series of fascinating facts and anecdotes about Christmas introducing where things had come from and the links to pagan times but majoring on the Wartime Christmas.

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  • December News From The Clergy

    December News From The Clergy

    28 Nov 2018 • From the Clergy

    “Luise has already bagged Good King Wenceslas” was the message I received from Graham when he told me that St Stephen is the theme for this month’s magazine. Out of the window, then, went my first idea!
    So what does that leave me? St Stephen: the first Christian martyr, whose story is told in chapters six and seven of Acts, where he is described as “A man full of faith and the Holy Spirit.”

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  • Remembrance Day 2018

    Remembrance Day 2018

    12 Nov 2018 • St John's Parish News

    Being the 100th Centenary of the end of the Great War (World War 1) this year was going to be special and the members of the church pulled out all the stops to make it very special. The morning found the church packed with people standing and others unable to actually get in the church for the service. Then in the evening the Events Team had organised the church’s participation in the Battle’s Over nationwide pageant.

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  • November News From The Clergy

    November News From The Clergy

    26 Oct 2018 • From the Clergy

    “When you go home, tell them of us, and say
    For your tomorrow, we gave our today!”

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  • National Memorial Trip

    National Memorial Trip

    3 Oct 2018 • St John's Parish News

    On 29th September the latest St John’s Coach trip set off from the Church heading for the National Memorial Arboretum.

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  • Worcester Buildings

    Worcester Buildings

    3 Oct 2018 • St John's Parish News

    ​Despite the horrendous weather conditions on Thursday 20th September over 60 people turned up to hear Paul Harding, AKA the History Man, delve in to the history of some of Worcester’s finest and oldest buildings.

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  • Proms Concert

    Proms Concert

    3 Oct 2018 • St John's Parish News

    St John's was treated to an excellent concert in early September

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