• July and August News From the Clergy

    July and August News From the Clergy

    21 Jun 2023 • From the Clergy

    ‘I don’t have time to…’ Think, honestly, how often you have used that line, or heard others around you use it. In some cases, it is absolutely true, and through no fault of the person concerned as they try to hold down a job and raise a family and just keep everything going. In others, however, it is almost a badge of honour to be or appear busy, consumed with activity, never having time to stop.

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  • Meco Plaque Rededication Service

    Meco Plaque Rededication Service

    13 Jun 2023 • St John's Parish News

    On 3 October 1940, the Meco Factory in St John’s was bombed by a Luftwaffe plane. Seven men were killed, and a woman lost her sight. On the afternoon of 11 June, a service was held in church to rededicate the plaque which has been relocated from the old Meco Factory.

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  • June News From the Clergy

    June News From the Clergy

    24 May 2023 • From the Clergy

    “New beginnings” is a theme we usually associate with the start of a new year – whether that is the calendar, academic or Church year. So why, you might be wondering, has it been chosen as the theme for a magazine we’ll be reading in June? Well, if we think back to the events of May, we will find that the theme is, in fact, very appropriate.

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  • May News From the Clergy

    May News From the Clergy

    21 Apr 2023 • From the Clergy

    The coronation of Charles III this month is an almost unique event in the contemporary world. None of the other European constitutional monarchs are crowned, instead simply having a ceremony to swear an oath, and the longevity of Elizabeth II means many only know a crowning as a historic event. While the King became king at the moment of his mother’s death, this is still a highly symbolic moment. Seven decades have passed since the last coronation, hence the majority of people alive today will never have seen one.

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  • Little Lambs Return

    Little Lambs Return

    17 Apr 2023 • St John's Parish News

    We have had some good news, Little Lambs will be back next week, Monday 24th April.

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  • Little Lambs

    Little Lambs

    14 Apr 2023 • St John's Parish News

    Little Lambs Notification

    Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to cancel the Little Lambs session due to take place on Monday 17th April.

    We are very sorry about the late notice of this cancelation.

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  • Easter Flowers  2023

    Easter Flowers 2023

    9 Apr 2023 • St John's Parish News

    The Flowers Ladies of our church pulled out all the stops and created a wonderful display of flowers for Easter this year, filling the church with the glorious scent of flowers.

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  • Easter Crafts

    Easter Crafts

    28 Mar 2023 • St John's Parish News

    Get creative with our Easter Crafts & Breakfasts!

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  • Easter Trail

    Easter Trail

    28 Mar 2023 • St John's Parish News

    If you've got extra time, follow the Animal Trail in the churchyard and solve the hidden message.

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  • April News From the Clergy

    April News From the Clergy

    24 Mar 2023 • From the Clergy

    Lent is nearly over! We will soon be celebrating the most joyful day in the Christian calendar. Before we get there, I encourage you to take a moment to look back on the last thirty or so days and ask yourself: What have I missed most during the season now coming to a close? Perhaps it’s indulging in your favourite tipple in the evening; the cake, puddings or crisps missing from your meal times; or maybe it’s the time you no longer spend playing video games or looking on social media. Perhaps you’ve been missing the flowers in church?

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