• December News From The Clergy

    December News From The Clergy

    28 Nov 2018 • From the Clergy

    “Luise has already bagged Good King Wenceslas” was the message I received from Graham when he told me that St Stephen is the theme for this month’s magazine. Out of the window, then, went my first idea!
    So what does that leave me? St Stephen: the first Christian martyr, whose story is told in chapters six and seven of Acts, where he is described as “A man full of faith and the Holy Spirit.”

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  • Remembrance Day 2018

    Remembrance Day 2018

    12 Nov 2018 • St John's Parish News

    Being the 100th Centenary of the end of the Great War (World War 1) this year was going to be special and the members of the church pulled out all the stops to make it very special. The morning found the church packed with people standing and others unable to actually get in the church for the service. Then in the evening the Events Team had organised the church’s participation in the Battle’s Over nationwide pageant.

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  • November News From The Clergy

    November News From The Clergy

    26 Oct 2018 • From the Clergy

    “When you go home, tell them of us, and say
    For your tomorrow, we gave our today!”

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  • National Memorial Trip

    National Memorial Trip

    3 Oct 2018 • St John's Parish News

    On 29th September the latest St John’s Coach trip set off from the Church heading for the National Memorial Arboretum.

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  • Worcester Buildings

    Worcester Buildings

    3 Oct 2018 • St John's Parish News

    ​Despite the horrendous weather conditions on Thursday 20th September over 60 people turned up to hear Paul Harding, AKA the History Man, delve in to the history of some of Worcester’s finest and oldest buildings.

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  • Proms Concert

    Proms Concert

    3 Oct 2018 • St John's Parish News

    St John's was treated to an excellent concert in early September

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  • October News From the Clergy

    October News From the Clergy

    1 Oct 2018 • From the Clergy

    In the age of the tablet and the e-book, my uncompromising adherence to bound paper is something of an oddity. On the London Underground, as I turn the pages of my book, I am normally surrounded by people reading on Kindles or doing something on their phones, occasionally sneaking confused glances at this interloper with a suspicious, non-technological object. At Amsterdam Airport recently, another man of about my age and I were the only two people waiting for our flight reading books; everyone else - from small children to an elderly man in a wheelchair - was absorbed in something electronic......

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  • September News From the Clergy

    September News From the Clergy

    29 Aug 2018 • From the Clergy

    ‘I believe in angels/ Something good in everything I see.’
    ‘I sit and wait/ Does an angel contemplate my fate?’
    ‘I’m no angel, but please don’t think that I won’t try and try.’
    ‘Heaven must be missin’ an angel/ Missin’ one angel, child/ ‘Cause you’re here with me right now.’
    ‘Baby, you’re my angel/ Come and save me tonight.’....................

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  • Victorian Worcester Talk

    Victorian Worcester Talk

    29 Jul 2018 • St John's Parish News

    Paul, the History Man, told us about Victorian Worcester and the slums of the area.

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  • Cotswolds Mystery Trip

    Cotswolds Mystery Trip

    28 Jul 2018 • St John's Parish News

    The events team arranged a mystery trip to the Cotswolds in July.

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