Online Archive

Welcome to our online archive. The number of resources on this page will increase as we scan and photograph the items in our archive.

  • History notice in porch
    The text from a written history that used to hang in the porch.
  • Inscriptions on Gravestones
    The inscriptions that were on some of the gravestones, now removed from the graveyard. These inscriptions were recorded by William Henry Thomas, who was Parish Clerk 1908-1953.
  • Tower Appeal Project Diary
    A diary has been created detailing the project from when the problem was first discovered to when ringing resumed.
  • Notes Respecting Bellringing
    A diary kept by the Parish Clerk Mr. W.H. Thomas about Bellringing at St John's. The title page reads: "W.H. Thomas; St John's; Worcester; Easter 1898."
  • Meeting Room Project
    Architectural plans drawn up in 1998/9 for a possible new church hall.
  • Parish Magazine Online Archive
    Our archive of Parish Magazines stretches back to the 1870s.
  • Photos
    Photos from the archive
  • The Cottage
    A history of the "cottage", the former St John's Vicarage, copied by Ruth Reeves.
  • Glasswork in the Blakefield Room doors
    An explanation of the significance of the glasswork in the doors between the Blakefield Room and the church, copied by Ruth Reeves.