How the Church Works

The Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC is the group that has the legal responsibility for running the church. The 2019 Annual Parochial Church Meeting Booklet can be downloaded here.

The PCC appoints people to take on particular roles and has established a number committees to carry out the churches work.

The membership of the PCC is as follows:

Incumbent and Chair*Revd Phil Bradford
Member of Group Clergy*Revd Sarah Cottrill
Churchwarden*Gordon Templeton
Churchwarden*Joy Job
Lay Vice
Sue Bale
Chris Rees
MemberLuise Horrocks
Colin Nash
Fiona Templeton
Jane Askew
MemberAmy Rees
MemberGraham Willis
MemberBarbara Willis
Deanery Synod Representative*Margaret Rutter
Deanery Synod Representative*Graham Evans
Deanery Synod Representative*Bill Amos
SecretaryLiz Edwards

* Clergy, Churchwardens and Deanery Synod Representatives sit ex officio on the PCC by right of their roles. All other members are elected to three-year terms.

Roles Appointed by the PCC

Safeguarding Officer: Jane Askew

Health and Safety Officer: Brian Askew

Electoral Roll Officer: Graham Evans

Estates Manager: Brian Askew 

Organist and Choirmaster: John Brierley

Parish Administrator: Liz Edwards

Data Controller: The PCC

Committees Appointed by the PCC

The Vicar and Churchwardens are ex-officio on all Committees.

Standing Committee: the Standing Committee has the power to transact the business of the PCC in between its meetings. It always consists of the PCC Chair, Lay Vice Chair, Treasurer, and both Churchwardens, but may also include other members of Group clergy and other members selected by the PCC.

Charity Committee: Sarah Cottrill – Chair, Margaret Rutter – Treasurer, Beth Broadway – Secretary, Margaret Morris, Luise Horrocks, Barbara Willis, Graham Willis.

Pastoral Committee: Sylvia Render - Pastoral Care Leader, Janet and Walter Hart, Yvonne Hardwick, Sue Bale, Ruth Reeves and Sue Hussell.

Accommodation Committee: Brian Askew - Estates Manager, Gordon Templeton and Chris Rees.