Our vision is to be a faithful, vibrant worshipping community, sharing the love of God with the people of St Johns.


St John's is a church which is:

  • Inclusive
  • Community-Centred
  • Faithful
  • Prayerful
  • Encouraging


We are a church which believes that the love of God is for all people and seeks to value everyone for who they are. We welcome everyone irrespective of gender, sexuality, nationality or anything else; the Church is a place where all should feel welcome and loved.


St John’s Church has a special place in the middle of St Johns, often called ‘the village in the city’. It is our strong belief that the church is an integral part of the local area and should seek to minister to and engage the people of the community. Service is at the heart of our faith, and through events such as free parish breakfasts we aim to serve the community in a tangible way.


Worship is at the heart of Christian life. We seek to be faithful to our callings to serve God, expressed in regular communal worship. As a parish church, we aim to serve all Christians of any background. Our worship is broadly central, making use of both the Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship. The Eucharist and the Daily Office are fundamental to our worshipping life, but we also have other regular and occasional services of differing formats.


Prayer is also fundamental to the Christian faith. Our parish prayer diary ensures that each month we pray for every street in our parish, along with everything happening in community life. The church is open during the day for those seeking a quiet place to pray or reflect. Prayers entered on the prayer tree or in the prayer book are offered as part of regular worship.


Everyone has gifts, and at St John’s we encourage all who can to make use of their abilities. We are fortunate to be able to draw on the generosity and talents of a wide range of people in our church life. Alongside the clergy, a ministry team of Authorised Lay Ministers (ALMs) help to deliver worship and provide pastoral care. Various others help with worship and social engagement. Our aim is to be a vibrant congregation in which the gifts of all people are used effectively in God’s service.